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Write an original poem of at least two verses and submit it or recite a poem and submit an audio or video of yourself reading the poem.• Describe five things that you noticed or experienced during your walk and submit a photo taken on your walk.2. Complete your chosen activity make sure to note the steps you take to complete the activity and take pictures, record a video, or otherwise document your activity).3. After completing your chosen activity write an essay that addresses the following:a) Describe your activity and why you chose it.b) Identify which of the 8-multiple intelligences) your activity relates to youmay select 1 or more) and comment on whether the MI areas) youidentified are strengths or development areas for you.c) Describe the steps you followed to complete the activity.d) Explain if you were surprised by your feelings doing the activity and sharehow the experience affected you.e) Explain why it is important to offer opportunities for children to experience