Order a similar paper from .comgood rated)The Who.What does this person look like?What are their core values?How do they move?The texture of their voice?

For this week, we will do something a little different that will hopefully pull you into the visual, abstract, colorful, textural world of your scenes.Just like in our performance work, we will use impulse, instinct, thought, care, presence.  You will make two separate character collages” for the two different characters and given circumstances you have chosen. You can use anything you- find/discover/make- such as magazine images, glitter, yarn, fabric, torn paper, odds and ends, newspaper, paint, stickers, living material?.glued or taped onto a harder surface, a thicker piece of paper, a cereal box,.be creative.   You will take into account all of your givens, yet paying special attention to:   The Who.What does this person look like?  What are their core values?  How do they move?  The texture of their voice?  How can you answer these questions through the visual? The WhereThe setting.  Color?  Texture?  Light?  Linear/curvy?   ObjectiveWhat does this person want?  How can this be expressed without explaining it through words but by showing it?