Page 1- Title Page Page 2- Abstract Page Page 3-4 Introduction Pag

Page 1- Title PagePage 2- Abstract PagePage 3-4 Introduction PagesPage 5-14 Body of PaperPage 15-16 ConclusionPage 17 Reference Pageinclude running head on all pages correctlyAPA style Six Edition (excluding title, abstract, and references pages), with at least 6 referencesNo plagiarism, copying and pasting is Plagiarism, even with a citation. (Grade will be “0”) and you will be reported to the University administration for further action, all work is checked by electronic device.All work must be double spaced12 Font Times New RomanPaper must be sent as an attached document (no copy and paste)Must cite information in the paper (meaning where does the information come from)2-point deduction for each of the following errors.TyposRunning head errors (per page)MisspellingsGrammatical errorsSentence structure issuesSpacing errorsWrong font or font sizeBad reference formattingThe whole paper must be in black no blue writingNo graphs, charts, or pictures in the APA paper.No unnecessary spacing