Persuasive essay/ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Education

Here are the 2 potential issues that I have selected to write a persuasive essay about:  Alcohol and Drug Addiction Education being taught in Junior High School 2. The Disease of Addiction- a disease or a lifestyle choice? The following are the instructions for this writing. Please pay special attention to the directions as I interpret them as having 2 different partsthat both need to be completed.Journal: From Issue to Persuasion. This is a journal that leads to your bigger and final assignment towards the end of the semester. This is our second graded assignment for the week. Please pay attention to the rubric of this assignment and try to tailor your journal to fulfill all the necessary requirements. Assignment: From Issue to Persuasion GRADED) Assignment Guidelines and RubricOverview:This assignment is private between you and the instructor. However, you will be discussing your work with your topic in future discussions with your peers. This week, you spent some time reflecting on persuasion in your everyday life. But why is persuasion so important? Let us think about that a little bit in this assignment.PromptNow that you have spent some time writing down some potential issues for your project, it is time to narrow the focus.Part One: After exploring the library databases and reviewing your brainstorming activity, Select two potential issues that are related to your career or degree. Again, ensure that you are selecting and writing about two different issues. Each section should be written as a fully developed, 5 8 sentence paragraph.Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: