please choose any movie, book, TV show, radio show, popular Internet site, or other contemporary media text

You must choose a movie, book, TV show,radio show, popular Internet site, or other contemporary media text toreview for this assignment.Write yourreview as if it were to be appear in some popular,  journalistic media sourcee.g., the entertainment section of a daily newspaper, Variety magazine,TV Guide, a media column in a newspaper, magazine, or blog).Specify your publication at the top of yourreview along with your byline i.e., your name).Your review should be 4 to 5 pages long so,1,150 to 1,500 words), typed and double-spaced. Your review must applyprinciples covered in Orlik’s chapter on critical functions.Keep in mind that you are writing your reviewfor your publication’s audience, so do not actually refer directly tothe formal functions of criticism.Itwould be a good idea to actually read the publication you intend to write forand take some pointers from published reviews. You will be gradedaccording to the depthof your ideas i.e., insight) and the overall quality of yourpresentation i.e., the validity of your arguments and supporting evidence, theclarity of your writing, and your attention to proper grammar and style).