Please follow all attached directions precisely: Develop a 3-4 page preliminary

Please follow all attached directions precisely:Develop a 3-4 page preliminary care coordination plan for a selected health care problem. Include physical, psychosocial, and cultural considerations for this health care problem. Identify and list available community resources for a safe and effective continuum of care.Develop the Preliminary Care Coordination PlanComplete the following:Identify a health concern as the focus of your care coordination plan. In your plan, please include physical, psychosocial, and cultural needs. Possible health concerns may include, but are not limited to:Stroke.Heart disease (high blood pressure, stroke, or heart failure).Home safety.Pulmonary disease (COPD or fibrotic lung disease).Orthopedic concerns (hip replacement or knee replacement).Cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s disease or dementia).Pain management.Mental health.Trauma.Identify available community resources for a safe and effective continuum of care.Document Format and LengthYour preliminary plan should be an APA scholarly paper, 3-4 pages in length.Remember to use active voice, this means being direct and writing concisely; as opposed to passive voice, which means writing with a tendency to wordiness.In your paper include possible community resources that can be used.Be sure to review the scoring guide to make sure all criteria are addressed in your paper.Study the subtle differences between basic, proficient, and distinguished.Supporting EvidenceCite at least two credible sources from peer-reviewed journals or professional industry publications that support your preliminary plan.