Prejudice and Pride

First, watch the PBS film ‘Latino Americans Prejudice and Pride’ Episode 5 in the series) here same one for discussion forum) : Latino Americans Episode 5 Links to an external site.)In your paper, address ALL of the following questions:What do you think were the most effective tactics used by the Latino movement? Why?Evaluate how well the Latino movement exhibited WUNC worthiness, unity, numbers, and commitment). WUNC is one method of evaluating the power and effectiveness of a movement. You must address each part.Worthiness how well did the movement demonstrate the worthiness of the cause? What tactics did movement leaders employ as they sought to frame the cause as being a worthy” one?Unity how well was the movement able to unify average citizens around the cause and how did the movement demonstrate unity to the general public?Numbers was the movement able to command sufficient support to translate people power into movement successes?Commitment how did those who participated in the movement demonstrate their commitment to the cause?Please focus your reflection on the most important lesson that you take away from the film and how this lesson affects your own perspective on the role and value of political participation.Order a Similar plagiarism free essay . 100% Guarantee High quality!! Order now by clicking the link below: