Professional Email/English

What To start off the semester, you will be composing a professional e-mail to me, your ENG 151 instructor. Why The purpose of this activity is introduce yourself and to get thinking about what you hope to gain from this course. You will also demonstrate professionalism one of MCC’s general education goals Links to an external site.)) in composing an e-mail following certain universal rules of nettiquette.” HowFirst, be sure you’ve read through your course syllabus thoroughly. Next, take a look here Links to an external site.) and here  Links to an external site.)for some information on how to write an e-mail to a professor including samples). Your responses should be written clearly and your thoughts should be developed thoroughly.Pay close attention to spelling, grammar, etc.  Your finished e-mail should total 200-250 words.As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. In your e-mail, please respond to the following:   Discuss your previous experience in writing classes.  What makes a class great?  Have you ever had any negative experiences with writing?  Give me some specific details.2.What motivated you to take English 151 online? What are your goals? What do you hope to gain from taking this course?3.  What obstacles if any) do you anticipate encountering in an online course? How will you deal with these?4.  Is there anything specific you’d like me to know before we get started this semester?  Any questions?  Concerns?