Provide an analysis of the videos

Hello Class,This week I am assigning some videos for you to watch and write a brief review/analysis about the video. As you may have noticed I like to use videos in my teaching. This assignment is fairly basic in that all you have to do is watch it carefully and submit your thoughts on the video. All I need are five points about each of the videos (I want to make sure you are watching the whole thing) and then a short paragraph for each of the videos regarding your thoughts on the tutorials. You can tell me what you liked, didn’t like, how it could be better, etc. I’m open, I just want your analysis. You might watch these videos and think that they are not necessary because you already know how to use Google. That is ok with me. I just want to make sure that everyone in the class is familiar with these tools. You will all be working on a group project and you will need to learn how to use these tools and if you already know how to use them, then you should learn how to use all the bells and whistles because in the workplace these skills are also very valuable for productivity.Your analysis of the videos can be typed or handwritten. All you need to do is upload the word document or PDF to this assignment for points. I’ll accept any Word, PDF, JPG, or PNG file. I can read those. If I can’t read the file I can’t give you points and you would get a zero for this assignment.Google Drive Tutorial – QuickStart Training (Links to an external site.)Google Meet with PowerPoint (Links to an external site.)When you do your group project, you can use any tools you wish for your group collaboration and you can use any tool you want to record your presentations. I just want to expose you to different options and get you tot think ahead about the needs of the group to work together.Thank you,Mr. AguirreThis is an image of the Google Tools For Teachers And Students and it shows images of the different Google tools icons around the Google logo.