PSY 302 Week 4 Assignment Reality versus Perceptions

Our text suggests that objective reality is often significantly different from our perceived reality and is an important variable to consider when making decisions within an organization. In addition, attribution theory describes how people create the explanations for their own and others actions, as well as for the outcomes of applied behaviors. Based on these two premises, formulate an analysis about how the development of our realities explain human behaviors within organizations and industry that can essentially affect rational decision making.Your paper should include the following:Summarize the differences between perceived and objective realities and how our perceptions negotiate what we believe to be true.Discuss how the following affect ones perception of reality and rational decision making.Attribution theoryBiasBounded rationalityCognitive biasesConjunction fallacyPrimacy and recency effectsSelective perceptionsContrast effect, andStereotypingConsider using headings in your paper to organize these elements.Explain why, as a leader or manager of an organization, one should be aware of the bias that our perceptions may have on day to day rationale decision making.Identify strategies to increase awareness of potential effectors of our ability to make rational decisions based on our developed realities.Your assignment should  adequately discuss the topicd and demonstrate maturating self-awareness. Include frequent citations to resources. Apply headings to organize your writing more successfully. The Reality Versus Perceptions paperMust utilize academic voice. Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.