Psychology Research Paper

A solid introduction. A full description of the relevant biographical information on the person Provide relevant historical information regarding the person so as to place her/his work into the proper historical/cultural context. Describe the events of the day that influenced the persons development as a psychologist Describe the state of psychology in the time/place/culture/etc. in which the person functioned in the field. Describe how the person may have also influenced the events of her/his day as well. Give an overview of the persons work in the field of psychology. Summarize the above information. Provide your interpretation as to how this persons work has/may influenced psychology o In the past o In the present o In the future Provide a brief section of how this psychologist has influenced your own growth in the profession. Give a well crafted ending to your paper. Again, the specific individual you choose is up to you. However, you should include as many of the elements above (or their equivalent) as possible in the main body of your work to ensure that you have a well rounded paper.