Reading D Norton readers list

First, read the selections from Readings D in the Norton Reader List. Next, respond to 2 of the 3 questions below some adapted from the Little Norton Reader) with at least 175 words for each response put both responses into the same forum response). All responses should provide at least one specific detail from the essay and include corresponding page numbers of that specific detail. If quoting the text directly, use quotation marks around the quoted words. Ex: Hurston describes her leaving Eatonville as a sea change 13).  How does Brent Staples describe himself in his essay? How does he say hes perceived by others? What strategies does he use to change other peoples perspectives? Include specifics from the text to support your answer. 2. How would you describe Nancy Mairss tone in her essay? Cite specific passages to support your answer. 3. Nicholas Carr offers several examples and analyses of how the internet is changing the way people read and think. Which do you believe are the most compelling examples/analyses and why?