Skill Building Comm/Business and Management

You own a small new and used bookstore and cafe with free wireless internet access. you enjoy the calm, quiet atmosphere of your store and like that your customers choose your store to conduct business, socialize with friends, or just enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee. Increasingly many customers are talking on their cell phones very loudly and in places where they shouldn’t be. They hold up the order line by talking on the phone when they should be talking to the cashier. they disrupt others who are enjoying the quiet atmosphere to work or read. sure, customers, who are working on the computer may need to talk on the phone but must these customers be so loud and disruptive that those across the room who are trying to read can hear their conversations? many customers have actually complained. you want to make these customers happy but not at the expense of making your cell phone users unhappy. write a cell phone use policy to post in your store.Welcome to one of the best assignments to help companiesonline .·       Do you want to order for a customized assignment help task?·       Click on the order now button ·       Set up your topic, Fix the number of pages, Fix your Order instructions ·       Set up your deadline, upload the necessary files required to complete the task, Complete the payment. We delivery high quality and non plagiarized tasks within the stipulated time given  GY