Sociology Essay: sociological theories of the study of cultural production

For this essay, you will use sociological theories of the study of cultural production art worlds, the production of culture perspective, and fields of cultural production) to analyze the creation of a cultural object or form. There are a couple of ways you can approach this: Focus on 1 theory. If you take this approach, the bulk of your essay needs to describe, explain, and illustrate the main argument and contributions) of your chosen theory and apply it to your chosen cultural object or form. Then, in the last 2 paragraphs of your essay, you will need to explain why each of the other theories were less of a good fit for your analysis. Those explanations should engage with the substance of the theories you did not use.2. Focus on 2 theories. If you take this approach, your essay needs to describe, explain, and illustrate the main argument of both theories and apply them to your chosen cultural object or form. You can either build an argument that one theory does a better job explaining the cultural production of the object or form you chose or build an argument about how the 2 theories complement each other to provide the best explanation for the cultural production of your chosen object or form.What is the cultural object or form” you need to analyze?A cultural object” could be a specific movie, book, song, painting, or piece of technology. A cultural form” could be a genre e.g., comic books) or style e.g., rap music, impressionist paintings). Whatever you choose, you will need to do some outside research and get your hands on sources that discuss the creation of the chosen object or form.Where can you find the sources you need to do this analysis?I have posted to Canvas material you could use to analyze the movie Black Panther, the movie Cinderella starring Brandy), or the comic book industry. You are free to choose some other cultural object or form if you are willing to do the outside research needed to discuss the social dimensions of its creation. News and magazine articles or documentaries that discuss the creative process are particularly useful. Keep in mind that many available materials including sources I provide for Black Panther and Cinderella) emphasize the role of individuals rather than social structures, forces, and processes. Be sure you read past that individualism to focus on the social dimensions.You will be assessed on:  The discussion, explanation, and illustration of your chosen sociological approaches to the study of cultural production.  Concrete connections made between your chosen approach and chosen cultural object or form.  The construction and support of a single, coherent argument, communicated in your thesis statement. We encourage you to bold your thesis statement.)  Your ability to connect and synthesize material across different days of the course.  Writing mechanics and clarity.  Appropriately citing others’ ideas.