sociology paper

You must write a thesis-driven argument with strong support from course texts to do well on this assignment.Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but its hard to find or create) agreement about a governments role in keeping its citizens healthy. In the United States, the Affordable Care Act ACA) has been the subject of a huge amount of criticism, but so far, its the best weve got. How could we do better?With respect for and consideration of the constraints posed by social, political, and economic realities, how do you think the US health care system should be transformed?Using an explanation and assessment of the ACA, an assessment of the US health care system with respect to measures of health care systems, and a summary and assessment of another countrys health care system, develop your dream health care system. While this is an exercise in imagination only, it must be constructed with clear and evident awareness of the constraints demanded by current realities.InstructionsBe sure to address each of these steps: