SOURCES ARE PROVIDED!! Minimum of 1200 words Prompt: You’ve taken a job at a sta

SOURCES ARE PROVIDED!! Minimum of 1200 words Prompt: You’ve taken a job at a start up biotech company, located in downtown Phoenix. Because the company is new, and there is not a full house of employees yet, your boss has asked you to investigate a topic (one of the five research topics) and to provide a position paper on that topic as part of your monthly report. The position paper may go into the corporate journal, published every two months. You’ll choose a topic from the five provided, use the research provided, and argue a position on that topic. Topic: Space Travel Research Question: Is the new race to get to space a positive or negative? (Sources will be attached to this bid) Grading Criteria: 1. 1,200 words minimum 2. MLA format 3. You should use at least three sources for this essay from the ones provided, and the sources must be cited properly both in-text and on a Works Cited page. You may seek out ONE additional source not provided. 4. Integrate two quotations into the essay using two different methods of integration. Highlight the signal phrases and quotations you weave into your essay. 5. At the end of your essay, provide your analysis of the rhetorical situation: writer, purpose, audience, exigence, and context. 6. You will participate in all stages of the writing process. 7. You will submit your final draft to Canvas This paper is for English 101. I’m not perfect when writing papers but I don’t suck either. My grades on my last 2 papers were a 92 and an 86.