the Acid-Base Solutions Simulation, Get 100% answered questio

Visit the Acid-Base Solutions Simulation, and follow these steps:Click My Solution from the Home Screen.Above the container, to the right, there is a pH meter. Drag and drop it into the solution to obtain an initial measurement. The initial reading should have a pH of 4.50.Increase and decrease the arrows beneath Initial Concentration. Observe what happens to the solution and note how the pH changes.Adjust the Strength of the solution by dragging the slider between weaker” and stronger.” Observe what happens to the solution and note how the pH changes.Near the top right of the screen, switch the toggle from Acid” to Base.” Repeat your steps and observe what happens.Following completion of the simulation, write a 260- to 350-word response answering the following:What did you do during the simulation? Briefly describe.What did you observe?What do your observations teach you about acids and bases?What additional questions does this make you wonder about related to acids and bases?In your response, include some of the new vocabulary introduced in this week’s reading, such as:SolventSoluteSolutionConcentrationAcidBaseEquilibriumMoleculespH