The research is for “Research methods” course.Research questions: 1- Does ment

The research is for “Research methods” course.Research questions:1- Does mental/physical health and wellbeing get effected negatively by work load? (such as stress causes back pain and headaches)2- Does work perfomance level get effected by mental and wellbeing on an employee? (focus on this)References: Minimum 5 sources from Proquest (USE FILTER: Scholarly journals, full text, article documents type, last 5 years, English).Attached 8 articles (from Proquest) to be used as a reference, among others.Research Structure:1- Introduction: purpose / aim / address the issue / outline the scope of the report.2- Literature Review: latest trends on topic / based on previous researchers and identify previous research ideas / background analysis to find gaps to be able to continue / 3 sentences with citations / problem issue to support3- Data Methodology: Use a quantitative approach explain it and why to use this approach / methods to gather data / how the quantitative approach is relevant to the topic.4- Findings,analysis and discussion: Identify key findings, analyze and interpret the results and explain its significance. Suggest explainations for your findings and outline issues that may have influenced the results. Provide outcome of the research and discuss its relevance to the latest trends.4- Recommendations: what needs to be done and why.5- conclusion*Use the attached Research template*