The role of OT after strike

For Written Annotated Bibliography:1) Read the provided occupational therapy based article.2) Paragraph 1 & 2: Type a 200-250-word summary of the article. Answer the question in the chart below.***Handwritten Annotated Bibliographies will automatically receive a 10-point deduction from the overall score.***3) Upon submission, instructor will randomly assign a number to each submission, copy each document twice, and anonymously assign each student 2 peer’s submission for a peer review process”.4) The students will have 1 week to review the 2 newly assigned submissions to provide feedback to their peers. This is emailed back to the instructor for a completion grade.5) The instructor will collect the edited versions to redistribute to the original author.6) The original author will receive the 2 peer edits along with the 2 typed peer feedback forms.7) The students will have 1 week to make any corrections to their final draft for a final grade to be recorded.