The thesis aim should be to compare earlier reception studies/research on a movi

The thesis aim should be to compare earlier reception studies/research on a movie, e.g. The Matrix, It could be any movie. If that movie would be used, one could say that the thesis is a comparison of reception research on the matrixAs mentioned, the main point of this thesis is that it is comparative. The audience reception should be noted, the method that the previous researchers have used and theories. Is there any specific “Canon” theory that all researchers refer to.Discuss what reception research is, how it can be done in different ways, primary assumptions and the results.Please make sure you are using a realistic amount of sources since this is meant to be undergraduate level.The structure of the thesis should be something along the following;1.Introduction2.Material3.Theory4.Method5.Analysis6.Conclusion and discussionThe instructions and structure are not written in stone. If you feel like something should be modified or added, notify me and and I will gladly take it into consideration, I even encourage you to do so.The attached file should provide you an idea of what kind of research I am looking for to be compared. You do not have to use it but I think it serves as a great example. Chapter 8 provides a summary of the subject in English.I also recommend taking a look at the book mentioned down below as it contains great information about the subject religion and film.William Blizek. (red.) (2013). The Bloomsbury Companion to Religion and Film. London: Bloomsbury Academic.I would greatly appreciate if I could receive small updates on progress of the thesis e.g. when you have found new material that will be used so I have an idea of where the thesis is going.As mentioned before, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure to answer asap to help out.Kind regards