The topic is CVS Health You should use at least two resources for this report.

The topic is CVS HealthYou should use at least two resources for this report. One resource will be the corporate website for the business.IntroductionProvide an overview of the business you selected.Explain why you selected this business.HistoryProvide a brief history of this business.ProductsIdentify and describe the main products (goods and/or services).Type of OwnershipIdentify the type of ownership.Identify the Stock Exchange where this business is listed (eg., NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX)How is the business listed on the stock exchange? (Example: Target is listed as TGT on the New York Stock Exchange)What is today’s price of this company’s stock? Is the price higher or lower than yesterday?Social ResponsibilityJust about every company has some sort of social responsibility or community service plan or initiative published on their company’s home page or on a linked page.Briefly describe this company’s social responsibility plan.ConclusionUsing the information found through your research, give your opinions about the following:Do you or would you use this company’s products?Would you like to work for this company?Will this company be successful in the future?