The topic of climate change is a major contemporary issue. Although the multi-li

The topic of climate change is a major contemporary issue. Although the multi-linearity characteristic of climate breakdown makes it almost impossible to draw a direct cause and effect conclusion, particularly regarding social issues, climate breakdown is real (physics is physics, after all), and human activity is the reason for GHG emissions reaching dangerous levels and looming catastrophe. Many have tried to focus on population and the carrying capacity of the Earth. However, we don’t know what the carrying capacity really is and that may not be the real issue. It is more productive that we focus on resource use and consumptive behavior. After all, the planet has a finite amount of resources and the global economy continues to produce more and more products. There is no such thing as sustainable development unless we stop using more and more of the Earth’s resources. The question isn’t just what can we do about climate breakdown but also how to bring the C02 curve under control by curbing consumption. We are forced to confront our consumption and the logic of capitalism. After doing the assignment, react to this dilemma within the context of human activity. Specifically, think about how consumption relates to greenhouse gas (GHG) and what is necessary to bring the CO2 curve down. Can capitalism be sustainable? Use the assignment as evidence of what you are going to argue as the problem and what you think is necessary to fix it.Please use those video link and file information to write this essay. Please note.