The World Ocean Due date: December 10, 2021PAPER TOPIC: Marine PollutionPAPER

The World OceanDue date: December 10, 2021PAPER TOPIC: Marine PollutionPAPER SCOPE: In your paper, you should talk about each of the items listed below.sewage pollutioneutrophicationmetals in the marine environmentMinamata “disease”synthetic organic compounds such as DDT; biomagnificationmajor tanker oil spills; effect of oil on organismscleanup of oil spills and avoiding future spillsaccidents releasing radioactivity into the (marine) environmentbays and estuaries: their vulnerability to pollutioneffects of global warming on the ocean: sea level rise, ocean acidificationRESOURCES: The primary resource for your paper should be the Endless Voyage video episodes. The information contained there should address many, although not necessarily all, of the items listed above. You do not need to include any tables, maps or charts in your paper. Instead, I want you to accumulate and interpret information from the video series, and then write about it in your paper. In general, you should think of your paper’s goal as explaining the items above to a non-technical audience.For items with limited or no information in the videos, you should consult some other resources. Specifically, I want you to include at least three (3) other references in your paper. They may be print or internet-based, the important thing being that they are relevant to the topic and come from authoritative sources (e.g. information obtained from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s web site would be considered authoritative, while that obtained from somebody’s private web page would not).PAPER FORMAT: The total length of your paper, including cover page and bibliography, should be 10-12 pages, double-spaced and typed in a standard font size. The paper should be written in proper English, paying attention to grammar and spelling. It should have a cover page with your chosen title and your name. The body of the paper should be properly formatted (page numbers, division into appropriately titled sections, perhaps a table of contents). The specific paper organization is up to you the only important thing is to cover all the items listed above and combine it into a coherent whole.PAPER SUBMISSION: Your paper should be submitted by email, as an attachment in Word or PDF format, by the end of due date listed above.