Think about all the ways in which diversity having variety is important. The

Think about all the ways in which diversity having variety is important.There are two goals of this activity: Demonstrate the significance of your global wicked problem, and explore reasons for including cultural diversity as an important consideration when solving the global problem you have identified. It is important to pause here to consider your personal experience with—or study—diverse cultures and contemplate how personal biases, emotions, and stereotypes can affect the way cultural issues may be perceived.You will want to think about the following questions:Why is my global problem important? How does it impact people world-wide?What IS cultural diversity and why is cultural diversity important when thinking about my global problem?How does cultural diversity change or influence the problem I want to solve?From a cultural diversity perspective, what issues need to be considered or looked at more thoroughly?There is a rich supply of research that exists surrounding cultural diversity and its role in problem-solving, innovation, and worldwide initiatives. Find two different credible sources (peer-reviewed research articles are ideal) about the the significance of your global problem, and an additional two different credible sources about the importance of cultural diversity as it relates to the global problem you have identified. For each source:Explain what the article contributes to your knowledge about the problem.In your explanation of each, include explicit information about the role of cultural diversity in your problem.Be sure to cite and reference your sources properly in APA format (Links to an external site.).Complete the assignment by following the instructions, writing the assignment in essay format with proper APA formatting.