This an intro to my organization  We have chosen our business to be a consulting

This an intro to my organization We have chosen our business to be a consulting firm specializing in green technology, based in the middle of Riyadh and branched out a cross the kingdom. Our main service is consulting to various parties ranging from private companies to major government sectors. We help them reduce their harmful effects on the environment while increasing environmental awareness, in addition to that we help them maintain a sustainable business model with minimum waste. In each branch of our firm there are four directors each supervising eight employees, except our headquarters in Riyadh where we have a CEO and top management consisting of directors, HR management, Accounting office which support other branches in main decisions. Our main assets consist of our specialists in the booming field of green technology, we have persuaded highly experienced employees to jump ship to our company after seeing the potential of our field in the upcoming years, in addition to our highly reputed team. We have chosen our headquarters to be based in Riyadh due to the shift in the Saudi government plant VISION 2030, where Riyadh has been chosen to be the main hub for businesses. Along with having King Abdallah’s economic city, where most of the leading companies headquarters are based in. Other branches have been chosen in Jeddah and Dammam due to having large government projects in those cities which required dedicated employees with high experience for each project. answer following questions in 800Describe the diversity in your organizationWhy diversity is important?What is diversity management?Why is diversity management needed? What are some difficulties in maintaining diversity?How can you improve your organization’s performance by developing a diversity program in your organization?