THIS ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS BUT I JUST NEED AN OUTLINE FFOR IT THANKSAssignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?This is your final writing assignment of the semester. You must use the three articles we’ve read togetherthis semester and construct an argument of your own that in some way responds to the question “How IsTechnology Changing Us?” without simply writing, Technology is changing us by…Instead must read, re-read and understand all three articles so that you can create and support your ownusing the articles we’ve read this semester as evidence to support or challenge your ideas. The appropriateWorks Cited citations for the three articles are shown below.boyd, danah. “Why America Is Self-Segregating” They Say/ I Say with Readings, edited by GeraldGraff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst, W. W. Norton & Company, 2021, 387-396Fuentes, Agustin. “Are We Really as Awful as We Seem Online?” They Say/ I Say with Readings, editedby Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst, W. W. Norton & Company, 2021, 634-649.Wortham, Jenna. “Has Corona Virus Made the Internet Better?” They Say/ I Say with Readings, editedby Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russel Durst, W. W. Norton & Company, 2021, 587-592.__________________________________________________________________________________STEP 1 Create a Unique Title for Your Paper. (It cannot be “How Is Technology Changing Us?”)TYPE YOUR RESPONSE BELOW:STEP 2 THESIS (Your Argument):What do you want to prove? What argument are you trying to make? Be specific. Is technology really changing who weare—how we think and feel, or even what we believe? Does technology itself change the ways in which we respond toAssignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?people or to life in general? Is technology simply a convenient scapegoat for people’s bad behavior? Or does technologyenhance our lives and relationships? You don’t have to—and you shouldn’t—answer those questions directly, but youSHOULD consider your answers to all those questions and more before you begin writing. Don’t forget to ensure thatyour thesis statement (your argument) answers questions of: How? Why? and What’s at stake, and/or for whom?TYPE YOUR RESPONSE BELOW:STEP 3 CONTEXT & MAIN SOURCE(s):As always, your FIRST move is to create the “They Say” of this argument? In other words, what are others (the authorsyou’ve read this semester) saying about the argument you’re making?Use the skills and templates from Chapters 1-3 to help you. Remember: The main point(s) and/or argument(s) of thearticles you’re using in this assignment will form the context—the “they say”—of your argument. (NOTE: When youwrite your essay, this part will come before the thesis statement in the paper, but you cannot establish the context untilyou know what you’re arguing.)A good strategy here is to think about this section as if it were the Introduction to your paper. You should introduce 1(possibly 2) author(s) and their articles in this section. Avoid introducing all 3 of your articles in this section. 1 or 2 issufficient.REMEMBER: Start with a template (or combination of templates) from Chapter 1!TYPE YOUR RESPONSE BELOW:Assignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?STEP 4 BODY: In this section, you will present, illustrate, explain, and synthesize the main points you want to make.Use the PIES (Point, Illustrate, Explain, Synthesize) method. Make sure you are using the templates and techniquesfound in Chapters 1-11 for each part. Make sure you use proper in-text citations for your quotes/illustrations. Theprocess is outlined below as follows: You will 3-5 develop main points, but you won’t list them all together. You’ll work through the PIES method.These points will ultimately serve as the topic sentences for your body paragraphs and should be arguable, notjust facts. Remember: These are YOUR main points for YOUR argument, NOT the main points of the articlesyou’re using. Each point will develop into its own paragraph. Make sure the points you’re trying to make supportyour thesis statement. The illustrations are quotations from the articles. You will have TWO quotations for each main point. Thesequotations are used to support and/or challenge your argument. As always, quotations should be explained.Use a variety of templates from Chapter 10. The illustrations and explanations are the first part of your analysisof the point you’re making. Transitions help you move from one idea (illustration) to the next, and ultimately from one paragraph to thenext. Chapter 8 has good ideas about transitions, and I have included a link to a transitions handout in the folderfor this assignment. Synthesize your point. This is the final part of your analytical, critical presentation of your point. This is whereyou bring it all together. What’s at stake in the point you’re trying to make? Who is affected? Why does itmatter? Use a variety of templates from Chapters 4-7 to help you finalize your point. You will probably needmore than one template.__________________________________________________________________________________________________TYPE YOUR RESPONSES BELOW:Paragraph 1/Point 1.Illustration 1a.Explanation 1a.Illustration 1b.Assignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?Explanation 1b.Synthesis of Point 1, Illustrations and Explanations.__________________________________________________________________________________________________Paragraph 2/Point 2.Illustration 2a. –Explanation 2a.Transition.Illustration 2b.Explanation 2b.Synthesis of Point 2, Illustrations and Explanations.__________________________________________________________________________________________________Assignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?Paragraph 3/Point 3.Illustration 3a.Explanation 3a.Transition.Illustration 3b.Explanation 3b.Synthesis of Point 3, Illustrations and Explanations.(Use the same formula as above if you have any additional point/s to make)STEP 5 CONCLUSION:Reinforce the main argument of the paper. Do not raise entirely new points for discussion. This is the final thought youwant to leave with the reader. Avoid saying “In conclusion,” “Finally,” “In sum”, etc. Craft 5-7 sentences that restate (indifferent words) the thesis statement, reinforce the main points, and reaffirm the significance of your argument. Try todirect your readers to consider the implications of what you’ve argued.TYPE YOUR RESPONSES BELOW:Assignment 3 — Argument Paper: Planning Worksheet“How is Technology Changing Us?__________________________________________________________________________________________________STEP 6 DRAFT YOUR PAPER (including the Title and the Works Cited page)Here is the map for putting your paper together: Introduction Step 3 and Step 2 (in that order) combine to form your Introduction paragraph. Your body paragraphs are all mapped out in Step 4. You just don’t use the PIES labels. Step 5 is the last paragraph—the conclusion:Start drafting your paper on the next page. Don’t forget to add the Works Cited page.