This assginment contains powerpoint slide and excel form The attached Merchandis

This assginment contains powerpoint slide and excel formThe attached Merchandise Plan is a formatted worksheet for you to analyze changes to planned units and prices can make for your upcoming season. In this worksheet, you will create a “last year (LY)” for your business and consider different scenarios for growth to your business for this year (TY). Change the numbers in the worksheet and your totals and percents will change. See what happens to your business.In the attached Merchandise Plan Worksheet, change the classifications to your classifications, i.e., leggings, hoodies, zip-fronts, t-shirts, etc. or long evening, short evening, printed evening, or if coats, fabric, leather, puffer, etc. Keep the number the same at 6. In the actual 2020 chart on the right put in (change) the units and price points to your Last Year history.Now go to the projected 2021, increase your units, and see the dollars increase. I have an increase of 10% in price points for all classifications. You can leave that the same unless you want to change that.All submissions should be on slides with an appropriate balance of text, imagery, and tables, and explanations. For this assignment, please also submit the excel sheet with your classification plans.PLEASE SUBMIT THIS ASSIGNMENT AS AN EXCEL DOCUMENT ALSO . (file ending of .xls or .xlsx)