This assignment asks you to focus on one of these novels and approach it as a ca

This assignment asks you to focus on one of these novels and approach it as a case study for discussing how children’s literature and young adult literature participate in environmental education and/or environmental justice.Choose from the following titles:Dimaline, Cherie, The Marrow Thieves. Helget, Nicole. The End of the Wild. Perez, Ashley Hope. Out of Darkness. Smith, Sherri L. Orleans.Consult your notes and self-assessment forms to generate ideas. Also take time to reread the book (or, at the very at least, relevant passages). I would like to see you develop your arguments through the use of specific evidence (quotes; description of a character; summary of relevant scenes; analysis of setting and/or imagery; etc.)You may reference other texts (including the writing of Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Greta Thunberg, and Naomi Klein and Rebecca Stefoff) but remember to focus on your primary text.Here are some possible topics you can explore in your paper (you might find connections between these topics, but it might be best to choose one for the sake of focus):• Representations of young people’s relationships with the environment, and what these representations suggest about the “nature” of young people• Representations of young people’s conceptualizations of and responses to environmental degradation and pollution; more broadly, how does the text imagine young people’s roles in environmental action/activism?• The ways the text offers hope and/or stokes despair in the face of environmental injustice; what could young people gain from reading this text?• References to historical/current events. What commentary is the text offering on these events?• How does the text create intersections between environmental injustice and racial, gender, class, and disability injustice? Why are such intersections significant?• How does dystopian fiction for young readers imagine the future in store for young people and the ways young people adapt to such a future?• Character study: focus on one character (child, adolescent, adult) and discuss how the character participates in environmental injustice/justice