This assignment is designed to give students practice at applying middle range t

This assignment isdesigned to give students practice at applying middle range theories to anadvanced nursing practice area of clinical specialization. The paper should be5 pages and no more (not to include the face page or the references).o Selecta middle-range theory.o Describethe middle-range theory you have selected. Include Development when, why, bywhom, what discipline, revisions (include dates and description of changes);Purpose, Assumptions, Key concepts & Propositions of the Theory; andCongruence with Nursing discipline. For theories from nursing: Interrelation ofpatient/client, environment, health, nursing. For theories from otherdisciplines: fit with nursing theory idea above.o Identify3 published research studies that have used or tested the theory in areasrelated to your case study.o Describean individual-, family-, or community-level clinical casethat is appropriate for application of the middle-range theory you have chosen. You are caring for a 42 yo female patient who was pregnant with her first child and who suffered fetal loss after undergoing amniocentesis to evaluate for trisomy 21. She is very upset and says to you it is her own fault that she lost her baby because she had amniocentesis performed when she should have just accepted the pregnancy no matter what and that now she feels so guilty she doesn’t know how she can live with herself.o Identifynursing assessments and interventions that would be necessary to apply yourselected middle-range theory or to the particular case study you have chosen.o Use avariety of clinical, research, and theoretical references, and limit internetreferences to scientific sources. The paper must be typed anddouble-spaced, with 1″ margins on all sides. It must also conform to APA(2020) format for the title page, abstract, headings, and references. Pagelimit and requirement: 5 pages, excluding the title and reference pages.