This assignment is for a psychology class, and here is the book so you can put t

This assignment is for a psychology class, and here is the book so you can put the source: Schacter, D., Gilbert, D., Nock, M., Wegner, D. (2017). Psychology 5th Ed. New York, NY: Worth Publishers.The assignment is asking about the movie InSideOut. Write the response for the other students in the chat, or include them at the bottom of the file please. Here are the instructions:Objective: Students will apply knowledge of memory and emotion to the Disney film InsideOut.Assignment Details:Part 1: Watch the Pixar Movie InSideOut (can be rented free from library OR found on 2: Answer the following discussion questions in FULL paragraphs including the question and question number at the top of every reply. CITE your book when using material to support your answers.Copy/Paste responses into this discussion or UPLOAD.Part 3: ANSWER this question for your peers to respond to “What was your ONE big take away about understanding EMOTION and Motivation from this film? What was your favorite part of the film?”Part 4: Respond to TWO peers in your discussion by SUNDAYName the 5 basic emotions in the movie. What is benefit/strength of each their purpose/jobs?2. What city does the family relocate to? How does each emotion respond to this?3. What does Sadness do to help Bing Bong when he loses his rocket? Does it help and why? How does this relate to empathy and sympathy (from class)?4.How does the movie represent long term, short term, and working memory (i.e. objects, symbols, characters)? Do you agree with this representation?5. According to the movie, how are emotion and memories linked? Do you agree with this representation, why or why not?6. Why do you think Joy has had difficult time understanding Sadness?7. Give an example from the movie demonstrating the link between emotion and motivation (I.e. intrinsic motivation/extrinsic motivation).8. By the end of the movie, what message do you take away about the role of emotions?9. Discuss an example from the film related to expression of emotions (body language, verbal, facial)?10. Locate an example of sincere emotion and insincere emotional feedback in the movie (look for lie detection)?