This case study assignment must be written in APA format (title page, reference

This case study assignment must be written in APA format (title page,references, etc.) and you must include at least three outsidereferences. This assignment must be at least five pages not includingthe title and reference pages. If you address each question properly,this will not be difficult. I will deduct points for grammar andspelling errors! Please proofread prior to submitting.1) Read Chapter Five (“The Coldest Heart”) from the book The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog.2) Answer the following questions:a.Compare and contrast the personalities nd early experiences of Leonand his brother Frank. How did early experiences affect each brotherdifferently?b.Discuss Leon’s aberrant sense of pleasure. Detail the wide-rangingeffects this had on his behavior-from his reaction to discipline to hisinability to feel compassion for others.c.Is a child like Leon salvageable? What kind of interventions mighthave worked if caregivers had understood what had gone wrong in hisearly childhood?d.How can small, apparently-insignificant events combine over the courseof development to produce large differences in outcome, and what doesthis mean for working with troubled children?e.Whose fault is it that Leon turned out the way he did, and how muchresponsibility should be given to genes, parenting, the environment inwhich he grew up, and his own choices?f. What are the legal and social implications of the complexity of the way sociopathy develops?g. What are two concepts you learned from this case study?h. How did this case study impact you on both professional and personal levels as a future helping professional?3)You must use at least three scholarly references (journal articles,textbooks, etc.) NOT google, Wikipedia, etc. Only reliable internetsources such as .gov or .org websites can be used as references.