This essay has two parts. First is a short evaluation of research sources. Here

This essay has two parts. First is a short evaluation of research sources. Here are the instructions:Write a short evaluation of at least two research sources that you will use for your final essay assignment. NOTE This evaluation will be submitted along with your finished essay at the end of this assessment. Research sources are: “The Role of Attention in Learning in a Digital Age”, “Brain Health Consequences of Digital Technology Use” and “The Distracted Mind Enhancing it’s Focus and Attention”Write an introductory paragraph for your evaluation:1. Briefly introduce the narrow, debatable issue from course readings that you explored through research.2. Write a short description of your research process (i.e., explain what you did to find your sources). I will provide this part3. Write a bibliographic citation for at least two articles or other written research sources, following an established documentation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).4. Beneath each citation, write a short evaluation of the article or source: Write at least one paragraph that explains why the source is appropriate for college­-level academic writing. Evaluate the evidence the author(s) use to support their arguments or main points. Include specific evidence from the text to support your evaluation. Write a few sentences to explain why the source is appropriate for the purpose and focus of your essay.Step 2: Write an Essay Based on Required Readings and Secondary SourcesI have chosen the effect of digital technology on ability to focus as debatable issue for this essay.InstructionsWrite an essay that takes a position on a narrowly focused, complex, and debatable issue.Essay GuidelinesYour essay should be at least three double-spaced pages and should do the following:Identify a narrowly focused, debatable issue from required readings.Include a thesis statement that clearly states a position on the issue you’ve selectedIdentify and synthesize the specific arguments that authors make about your issue in required readings and research sources.Support your position with evidence from at least three required readings and two or more credible secondary research sources.