This essay is based on three threads that we came up with in class, my threads a

This essay is based on three threads that we came up with in class, my threads are:HDT uses significant and consistent patterns of parallelism and anaphora to create emphasis on his criticisms of humanity.HDT creates tension in his syntax with subordination by surrounding very few simple sentences with complex sentences. HDT uses periodic sentences and repetition of words.My thesis is: Thoreau uses parallelism, anaphora, subordination, and periodic sentences to create emphasis and tension on his criticisms of humanity.Organize your answer as follows:Introduction (~20 words):For this essay, your intro will just be your thesisThesis: Thoreau uses periodic sentences, variations in sentence length, and schemes of anaphora and antithesis to strengthen his critique of 19th-century American society.Body (~450 words):Write 3-4 body paragraphsStart each paragraph with a thread/surface-depth claimSupport it with several examples from the textAnalyze the examples, tying them back to thread and thesisClaim:E.g. At the start of paragraph six, Thoreau uses a number of periodic sentences in a row to create rhythm, engagement, and emphasis on his points.Development: an elaboration of your topic sentence claimE.g. Sentences 2-4 begin with a dependent clause and end with the independent clause, which creates a framework for his argument to gather force and momentum.Evidence:E.g. These sentences begin, “If men would…,” “If we respected only…,” When we are….”Analysis Part 1: Explain how the quote supports your thread. Do this by zooming in on it with your microscope, isolating the relevant partsE.g. Thoreau’s main point in the paragraph is that life is “fabulous” when we are wise enough to live it well. These dependent clauses establish the conditions for doing so and create an engaging rhythm that heightens the reader’s attention on those conditions.Development:They also create anticipation and interest in how each sentence will end.Evidence:E.g. “[L]ife…would be like a fairy tale,” “music and poetry would resound along the streets,” “we perceive that petty fears and petty pleasures are but the shadow of reality” are the independent clauses that conclude each sentence.Analysis Part 1:E.g. These are the main ideas of each sentences that Thoreau uses subordination and periodicity to build up to and emphasize.Analysis Part 2: Explain how all of this supports your thesis. Remember, your claim is what you’re actually trying to argue. Don’t lose sight of your point!E.g. He wants the reader to be inspired to adopt a new philosophy and way of life and uses sentence structure and the details and imagery embedded therein to show them what it looks like and how to get there.Aim for 3+ paragraphs in the bodyConclusion (~20 words): Restate your thesis in a new wayYou will analyze the Paragraph in the attached file starting at “Shams and delusions…” and ending in “… could accomplish it.”