This is a close readings essay. IT IS NOT A RESEARCH ESSAY. I will provide the q

This is a close readings essay. IT IS NOT A RESEARCH ESSAY. I will provide the question you have to answer and you have to answer it after doing the readings that I will provide. It is all primary research from the readings you cannot use any outside source. Please be careful writing this essay and please read all of the instructions I attached. This course does not go by the regular essay standards. For example,Your first paragraph should have the following structure:First, in your own words (around 100-150 words), briefly explicate and clarify the problem raised in the question.Second, state your thesis in bold. As stated in the essay instructions, a “thesis is a single (unitary), specific, informed and meaningful insight that responds to the essay question” or problem. This should be one sentence.Third, in around 100 words or so, explain how your thesis addresses the problem raised in the question.Finally, briefly outline the steps you will take to explicate and develop your thesis.HERE IS THE ESSAY QUESTIONSpinoza and Lessing both consider loving the neighbour as oneself to be the heart of faith, freedom and democracy, and source of true religion in the Bible. Yet both thinkers also show how since love is human, it can be practiced only in a life that is vulnerable to fear, hatred, despair, and deception, and to the superstitious judgments these unpleasant states of mind involve. Write an essay on how these authors teach lessons about human love and religion.You are free to decide the focus of your paper, but you must include both thinkers. If most of your paper is on one thinker, make sure you devote at least 650 words (2 full pages) on the other.I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED ALL OF THIS BELOW PLEASE READ EVERYTHING I HAVE SENT CAREFULLY!This is a very big part of the essay. It needs a very strong thesis and please make sure you type the thesis in bold as instructed above. They are very strict on grading of this type of essay so please once again read every single thing I have attached and understand what the question is asking. Also, for the second reading (Lessings). You have to sign into my account on the website to see the reading. The website is is a E-book. I appreciate your help. If you have any questions please let me know!Comments from CustomerHere is the book that needs to be used, check if you have the required book or if you are ready to buy it and request the client to compensate its price.