This is a discussion essay Plagiarism. Please rea

This is a discussion essay Plagiarism. Please read carefully and write the answers with an explanation. Short answers not ACCEPTED. I will also email 2 videos to the support system so you HAVE TO WATCH them before writing this discussion.NO PAPER FORMAT.NO MLA FORMAT NEEDED.Directions:You will need to listen to the lectures on persuasion before you reply to this post.**POST: Please reflect on and answer the following 4 questions in detail:**1- Locate and post an advertisement from Unsplash Creative Commons. To find and post an image, after you have clicked on the “reply” box, click on the “Images” icon (looks like a mountain.) Click on “Upload Image.” Click on “Unsplash.” Enter a search term. Click on the desired image, and click “submit.” As an alternative, you may also use an image from an alternate source, just be sure the image is large enough for students to view.2- Identify the target audience.3- Name and describe at least 2 specific persuasion techniques from the lectures that you find in use in the advertisement. Look at all 3 areas–the communicator, the message, and the audience. Please do not bring in persuasion techniques you may have learned in your writing or speech classes such as ethos, pathos, and logos. I want you to focus on what you learned in this class.4- Keeping in mind the target audience, do you think the ad was effective overall? Why or why not?**Do not post an external link, you will not get credit.