This is a draft of your final paper for this course. It is a formal piece of wri

This is a draft of your final paper for this course. It is a formal piece of writing. It should consist of at least 6 paragraphs and be from 3 to 5 pages in length (not including the References Section).Remember to use Times New Roman, 12-pt font; double-spacing, 1-inch margins all around. You will be required to upload and submit a Microsoft Word document or PDF via Blackboard. My experience shows that PDFs are better at retaining proper formatting, so I recommend uploading a PDF.Do not use direct quotes that are longer than 2 full lines of text. Instead, summarize your observations using your own words. Direct quotes should ONLY appear in the Discussion and Summary Section and there should ONLY be 2 quotes.Use your proposal assignment as a starting point for this piece of writing. Remember that this is a draft. It is OK if you have not fully thought out your arguments or fixed your writing.Refer to Page 12 and 13 of the document titled, “Instructions for Assignments.” These are the instructions for the final paper, which is due next month, but for November 15, I am asking you to submit a draft for this final paper.Introduction Section:Begin with your research question; be sure it includes key concepts that you would like to explore in your paper. Indicate why this topic is important for other people to know about. Tell the reader why this topic and research question is important to YOU and why other people should care about it.Methodology Section:I am asking you to find and use two readings from outside of our course that you think are important as a resource to you. Describe how you found these two sources. For instance, if you used any library resources, tell the reader how you went about finding the sources. What areas/topics specifically did you pursue as you did your search? Which keywords did you use when you searched for the readings you are using? If you had preconceived expectations, opinions, or hypotheses about what you would find in this research, state what they were.Findings Section:Describe what you discovered or learned about your topic. Discuss and evaluate the methodology used by the authors of the two articles you referenced in the methodology section. Do not use direct quotes in this section. Instead summarize what the two sources found. What kinds of data did they use? Do you think these data are effective? What things were left out from the data but that you think would be important to explore?Discussion and Summary Section:This should be the longest part of your paper. This is where you connect what you found (the two outside sources) to our course readings and course materials. In what ways were you surprised by your findings, or did they confirm what you expected? Explicitly make direct connections between your research material and concepts, theories, or other material from this course; it would be good to use your course readings as sources here. Use at least one reading from before Exam I and another from after Exam I. Use 2 short direct quotes from your two outside sources (1 quote from each source). Give your own opinions, evaluations, and/or predictions on this issue. Indicate what unanswered questions still remain on this topic which could be researched in the future. If you can, revisit your main question and provide a one sentence answer or suggestion. Note that this is the only section that should contain any kind of direct quotes, and these should be from outside sources.Definition of Race and Ethnicity Section:Throughout the semester we have encountered various measures and definitions of race. For this section, provide YOUR OWN definition of race AND YOUR OWN definition of ethnicity as it applies to the group that you are writing about.References Section:This section should not be a paragraph. Instead, it should look like a bibliography. There should be only four sources used for this paper: 2 are external to our readings (i.e., two sources that you found via your library search) and 2 are from our course readings. Remember that when you choose 2 from our course readings, 1 must be from before Exam I (Modules 1-5) and 1 must be from after Exam I (Modules 6-7). The References section is NEVER part of the overall page count for formal pieces of writing. In other words, the References Section should start on a new page and stand on its own.