This is a reflective account on a teaching session with a student nurse which I

This is a reflective account on a teaching session with a student nurse which I send you the teaching session and must not count as word count and to be put in a box . I send an example for you by email as I tried to upload it but dose not work. There are 6 learning outcomes to be met . Can you please make sure these learning outcomes mentioned in the essay. This is the case study which reflection should be base on this ;Table AThird year student nurse assigned to work with a first year student to work together using CLIP model ( Collaborative Learning In Practice). In a bay of three elderly patients with type 2 diabetes who needed to check the blood glucose before lunch the third year student attempted to teach junior student how to use blood glucose machine and to perform the test. Student nurse performed one blood glucose test in a quiet area of the ward using simulation and cranberry juice used to simulate blood . The session starts by giving information about type 2 diabetes and the reason for checking the blood glucose regularly at hospital. Information printed from the reliable sources ( NICE 2020) that explains type 2 diabetes , different treatments and blood glucose interpretations. Then third year student nurse started giving instructions using Elsevier Clinical Skills as a reliable source to prepare student. Then using glucometer student nurse showed how to use it and cranberry juice used to simulate blood and exposed to strip. After that student been given the time to do it using cranberry juice independently under supervision to make sure she understands and can recall the instructions. However when performing the test on a patient she didn’t manage to get enough blood for the machine to give the reading as she was very gentle when inserting the sharp, also didn’t warn patient of sharp scratch before inserting the sharp . Feedback given on the performance and action plan took place to gain competence on blood glucose monitoring. Student encouraged to repeat the theory and to go through Elsevier Clinical Skills website and study blood glucose monitoring.