This is a written assignment in which you will interview someone who is currentl

This is a written assignment in which you will interview someone who is currently married, or was married, using the tools in your books. You will gather history on how they met, dated, got engaged and married, as well as history on their marriage, the ups and downs. You will assess their expectations, communication, etc, and will determine the techniques you would use to counsel them. The assignment will be graded on the level of understanding the reader can get from your written account of the marriage, so thoroughness is important. Other grading criteria includes, grammar, and most importantly, your assessment of the root issues to be addressed as well as the appropriateness of the intervention.Note: Although interviewing one person is not the way you would want to assess an actual couple coming to you for counseling, this assignment will only involve interviewing one person, NOT a couple. The purpose for this is to avoid bringing up things that may have not previously be said between the couple and thereby potentially raising issues in their marriage without the ability to counsel them through those issues.Please apply the techniques a counselor will use to treat the marriage / according to the books:1) Exploring Marriages and Families (3rd ed.) Author: Seccombe, K.Publisher: Pearson2) Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling: A Guide to Brief Therapy Author: Everett L. Worthington Jr.Comments from CustomerDiscipline: Christian Counseling