This is an engaging, formal, and longer essay (2000-3000 words) where you use yo

This is an engaging, formal, and longer essay (2000-3000 words) where you use your research to make some sort of point. This means you will want to extensively quote and paraphrase from the research you have gathered in this longer essay, and it also means you will want to include with this essay a works cited or bibliography page.Some of the questions worth asking yourself as you begin:What is your working thesis? That is, after all the research, working with the different exercises, etc., what is your working thesis? How has it changed?What is the main audience and purpose of your research essay? In other words, while the main audience for this essay will be your peers in class and me as the instructor, who else are you trying to reach in this essay?What sort of “voice” or “authority” do you intend to project in this essay? This has to do a lot with your goals and also your disciplinary focus; a simple example is the use of “I” in your writing.What are you trying to persuade your readers about? This is closely tied to your working thesis, but remember: the goal of your research is not to just “dump” a lot of information on us; rather, it is to persuade your ideal readers and us about some important thing you have learned from your research.Essay topic: how social media helps Small businesses