This is another complex assignment(s)  these are for a friend that is in need an

This is another complex assignment(s)  these are for a friend that is in need and I know you’re good at what you do here is the assignments that are needed to be done:Physics IS Life!! <3Waffle SolesThe Fascinating Physics of Everyday LifeAssignment: Force VocabAssignment: Motion, Velocity, and Acceleration WSForce and Motion Practice ProblemsAssignment: KE & GPE Practice ProblemsAssignment: Work Practice ProblemsAssignment: Power Practice ProblemsAssignment: KE, PE, and Thermodynamics VocabAssignment: Energy, Heat, and Thermodynamics WSEnergy, Heat, & Thermodynamics Study GuidePS Energy, Heat, and Thermodynamics TestAssignment: Waves VocabAssignment: Wave Speed Practice ProblemsAssignment: Waves WSAssignment: Waves Study GuidePS Waves TestAssignment: Electricity VocabAssignment: Magnetism VocabAssignment: Electricity Practice ProblemsAssignment: Electricity and Magnetism Study GuidePS Electricity and Magnetism TestSpring 2021 Midterm ExamAssignment: Matter WSAssignment: Atomic Structure VocabAssignment: Periodic Table WSAssignment: Earth Day Extra CreditAssignment: The Periodic Table Coloring ActivityAssignment: Periodic Table Study GuidePeriodic Table TestAssignment: Chemical Bonding VocabAssignment: Chemical Bonding WSNomenclature Molecules WSNomenclature Compounds WSAssignment: Chemical Bonding Study GuideAssignment: Chemical Reactions VocabAssignment: Chemical Reactions WSPS Chemical Reactions TestAssignment: Solutions, Solubility, Acids/Bases, & Radioactivity VocabAssignment: Solutions, Solubility, and Acids/Bases WSAssignment: Radioactivity, Half-life, and Density ProblemsAssignment: Solutions, Solubility, Acids/Bases, Radioactivity, Half-life, and Density Study Guide