This is for my final paper, YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!!! REQUIREMENTS: Your

This is for my final paper, YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!!!REQUIREMENTS:Your paper will support the presentation you gave with adjustments based on the feedback you received.Your paper is to be no less than 12 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, and not more than 15 pages.Adhere to APA guide formattingCite at least five (5) sourcesThe cover page and bibliography pages do not count towards the page limit.______________________________________________________________________________________You are the new CEO of a public, fictional company How will you lead? Tell us your story.What is the competitive advantage of your company? Describe.As a new company, how will you achieve a competitive advantage? Explain.What are your Mission, Vision, and Values? How will this serve as a platform for growth?How will your strategy drive profits? Explain.How will your firm embrace new marketing strategies to create a sustainable business model? Describe.What are the diverse set of strategies (traditional and digital) you will employ? Describe?Conduct a SWOT analysis of your company. How do these results affect your marketing decisions? Explain.How can the PESTEL framework mitigate threats and leverage opportunities? Explain.What is the value you provide to your customers? Why should they choose you when there are other options in the marketplace?How will you create shareholder value? Explain.What type of strategic alliances will you enter into? Why?What is your five-year strategic plan? What are the SMART goals that will help you meet the expectations of your team and shareholders?Identify your strategic management process and describe why you chose this methodology.What will motivate and inspire people to want to work for you? (you cannot use money as a tactic)How does this collection of strategies set you up to be different from your competition? Explain.