Create a timeline beginning with 9/11, what has happened since then? Explain how people were feeling at that time and how are they feeling now. What psychological impact has 9/11 and additional terrorist acts had on the United States government and its citizens? What changes have we had to make in the United States? What other terrorist acts have happened since 9/11? Have these new acts forced the U.S. to make additional changes? Examples would include airplane and airport security, border patrol, etc… Include at least 5 major changes made since 9/1What agencies have been created since 9/11? Explain what these agencies do and how they are to protect U.S. citizens. Include at least 3 agencies that have been created, one of those agencies must be Homeland Security. What is the role of Homeland Security? What are the emergency preparedness techniques that have been put in place since 9/11? Every item on the timeline should have a detailed explanation.Cite your references in your paper and include a reference page along with following APA guidelines.