To what extent is Climate change a security issue?

You are required to include two additional scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles or books and two primary sources such as newspapers or government documents (after meeting this requirement, feel free to add any other sources of your choice to support your argument). Please, you need to use an in-text citation style for this written assignment (not footnotes). For instance, your in-text citation should be like this (Dahl, 1991: 4) or (Dahl, 1991, p. 4). Thus, remember to include the (author, year, page) in your in-text citation. Please, do not cite Wikipedia, when you find important information for your case on Wikipedia, kindly look for the original source and cite that source instead. Likewise, please, do not rely on copy-paste references from different sources. You must ensure you follow a consistent format for your in-text citations and your reference list.