Trade Policy

You will profile a country. If you don’t have a particular country in mind, you can go to (Links to an external site.) and it’ll assign you one at random, or you can click through until a country piques your interest. Specifically, you should cover these things:) Give an overview of the country’s overall trade profile. By overall trade profile, I mean you should discuss its overall tariff rates, what it exports, what it imports, what other countries it mostly trades with, and (if possible, and it might not be possible depending on the country you choose and what its government websites are like, so use your judgment here) whether there are any products that have especially high or especially low tariffs.2) Explain what the theories of comparative advantage, factors model, and sectors model would predict for the trade patterns you described.2.) Describe the country’s overall democracy level. You should cite some form of data for this, it should not be your opinion, even if it seems obvious. Data/websites to check for this include Freedom House and Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem). Cite your source. Based on what you learned about democracy and trade, does the country’s overall trade profile match what you would expect from looking at its democracy?3.) If the country’s democracy and comparative advantage do not explain all of what you observe of the country’s trade profile, propose an alternative theory that does explain it, and explain why you think this theory is appropriate.