Training-Access 1

Create Table in Access with the following Data types and NamesCreate Table ” Students Main”   Enter the following fields based on Field Name and their Data types :Field Name Data TypeStd_ID Short Text  ( Primary Key)Std_Lname Long textStd_Fname   Long TextDOB Date/TimeAdd Long TextCity Short TextZIP NumberFee CurrencyFee paid  Yes / No 2.  Save table and Open Datasheet View.3. Enter values in Table. ( Enter minimum 4 records )4. Create Form using Form Wizard. Name as studentMSave  your form5. Create a Simple query using the Query Wizard. Save  your Query6. Create a Report based on the table. Save  your Report7. Take a Screenshot of  Database and Save with yourname.JPEG  example:   abcd.JPEG8. Upload screenshot/snapshot of your database: example: abcd.Jpg