Unit 5 Week 13 Assignment

Hello Geographers,After reading chapter 12 and completing the Unit 5 study guide and lecture notes, answer the following questions. Be detailed in all your answers, use the text and outside sources extensively to support and provide evidence for your arguments. Questions: Make a list of the service jobs youve had, and identity each by type according to the text. If your list is short, include jobs your peers have had.2.Describe the type of job youre hoping to start after college. Is it a service? What does this, combined with your previous answer, tell you about the range of service jobs?3.Would it be difficult to do well at the job youve described above if you lived in a very small town? Use the concepts of threshold, range, and central place theory to describe why high-paying jobs are easier to find in large cities. 4.Present the reasoning of a person who chooses to live downtown, near the central business district (CBD). Answer as though youre explaining to a friend why you chose to live there. Reference concepts from the text in your answer. 5. Now present the reasoning of a person who chooses to live in the suburbs while they work in the city. Again, answer as though youre explaining your decision to a friend and reference concepts from the text. text book https://1drv.ms/b/s!Arg5pBnZV-yrmRIpHYBPmA5iusml?e=AmQNWd