View the video ( After watching the video, identify

View the video ( After watching the video, identify THREE specific ways that social responsibility is incorporated in the Timberland model. Then comment on another student’s post regarding something specific they mentioned to add to the conversation. Your post should be about 100 words long.~~~~ student’s discussion 1: 3 ways on how Timberland incorporates social responsibility in their products or in the community is that their very big o community engagement and to drive positive impacts on where we live, work and play. They’re also big on resource sufficiency. They’re working around the clock to conserve the things around them. They’re generating positive impacts for their workers; opening up daycare centers, financial literacy, extra educational programs for workers, transportation, housing needs etc. And primary material are recycled.~~~~~ Student’s discussion 2 : After seeing the Timberland Video and spending some time browsing through their website. Came across the page which talks about being green. Timberland is all about going green and nature so they decided to make their shoes better quality but at the same time using natural resources which helps minimize environmental impact. For example, They made a comfortable sole, like foam but it was made using bamboo trees. As soon as you open the Timberland website it starts talking about all the changes they are making to make better quality products but at the same time help reduce environmental impact. In the video, they explain that it is not only about reducing the environmental impact but also being able to engage with one another and help people in need.View the Trip Advisor, Some aspects of their successful model have included the following characteristics: willingness to change, or adaptability; problem-solving ability; speed and tolerance for failure while learning; measuring outcomes and using data; mentorship and coaching; and strategic planning. Choose THREE of those aspects and describe what the executives said in the video and how they effectively integrate those aspects in their management model. Then, describe why you think those aspects are important for the field you will be working in (or are already working in). Be sure to review the rubric AHEAD of time to be able to earn the maximum number of points. Submit by the due date indicated. ( Read case student files)