W8 Analysis Assignment

Directions· Your answers should show familiarity with the text and topics being covered in the unit.· Use the text, lecture notes, and/or PowerPoint as references· Each question response should consist of at least 150 words.· Responses should be free of typographical, spelling, and grammar errors.Calculate the breakeven point.Describe 3 introductory pricing strategies.Illustrate different pricing approaches that businesses use.Write a marketing plan.Identify types of forecasting methods and their advantages and disadvantages. QuestionsIllustrate how to calculate a breakeven point in terms of units anddollars using total fixed costs and variable costs in your calculation.Which introductory pricing strategies have you noticed when you shop?Illustrate two different pricing approaches that businesses use.Which forecasting method would be most accurate for forecasting sales of hair-care products in the next year? How would your answer change if you were forecasting for the next month? For home appliances?What is the most important part of a marketing audit? Why? What is the least important part? Why?