Watch “A Place at the Table” Reaction Paper/Assignment Guidelines: Answer the fo

Watch “A Place at the Table”Reaction Paper/Assignment Guidelines:Answer the following questions:Whose story most affected you and why?What is the relationship between poverty and obesity?Describe a potential solution in addressing food deserts in America. Examples include government solutions, charitable organization,s etc.Find a peer-reviewed journal article from 2011 or later to incorporate into your response.Cite using APA formatRemember, I am looking for your original viewpoint and should be written in the first person. Do NOT use direct quotes from your sources paraphrase in your own words.Your original reply is due on November 19th, Friday, by 11:59PM.Please make the title of your thread your FIRST and LAST name.Provide thoughtful replies to two classmates by Monday November 22nd by 11:59 PMReply to any posts on your thread by Wednesday November 24th by 11:59 PM.Rubric is available under CONTENT folder.