we have discussed various types of budgeting formats (line item, program, etc),

we have discussed various types of budgeting formats (line item, program, etc), and your weekly discussion thread centered on the various pros and cons of the different approaches.For this assignment, you are to review and compare the two budgets contained within “Short Reading Chapters 7 & 8” one is that of the City of Asheville, NC, and the other is that of the City of Tifton, GA. After looking through both budgets, you should write a short (2 pages minimum) paper addressing the following:1. The type of budget used by each city (hint: they are different);2. The ease of understanding each budget, and the advantages & disadvantages of each approach;3. How each budget could be improved (if at all) by incorporating features of the budget used by the other city into their budget document/process;4. Your opinion as to the usefulness of each budget as an informational document if you were a taxpayer of either city.Don’t get too caught up in minutiae, as there is a boatload of information in each document. I am more interested in your ability to tell the difference between the two budget types used here, and what kind of information about the inputs & outputs of each municipality that can be gleaned from the budgets. If you have trouble telling the differences between the budgets, go back and re-read Chapters 7 & 8, as it explains the types quite well and gives some examples.Don’t forget to adhere to all writing guidelines (refer back to the syllabus if you need more information) and to turn in your assignment on time!